"All Change Begins With Self-Observation." J. Flaherty


The term 'coaching' comes from the world of sports. It describes the work of those who support top athletes to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Nowadays coaching is frequently used as a synonym for a particular kind of advice-counselling or individual training.

My Coaching Approach:

For me, coaching is to develop tailor-made solutions for the specific problems a coachee is facing. They can be located somewhere between the professional, corporate and private sphere or within one of the three. My work focuses on the clients’ individual development and the character formation. The coaching process is triggered by the clients’ desire to learn more about themselves, the behaviour shown or the situations to be mastered.

I use a variety of approaches in finding the best solutions to address the issues my client is facing. They may stem from consultancy, target- or solution-oriented problem-solving or practical, action-focussed training. All of them, however, provide an opportunity for self-governed learning while integrating the framework conditions. The learning atmosphere is based on trust and cooperation.
At its outset, coaching is an open process, which means that its focus may shift as you go along.