After graduating from Heidelberg University, I worked for many different clients from business (Automotive, IT, Finance, Engineering, Health, Food, Chemicals), politics, development aid and television (ARD, ZDF, HR, SWR). All these conferences allowed me to gather a wide interpreting experience and a robust knowledge about how to deal with the many different kinds of conference terminologies.

And yet, training and experience are merely the technical requirements when it comes to the complex demands of interpreting.

Understanding the Communication Context

Ample experiences from living abroad and finding myself in many different communication scenarios gave me a good sense not only for the cultural background of communication partners, but also for what conditions are key to a good dialogue.
A sense which I consider indispensable for proper interpreting.

Flexible Implementation Of Customer Needs

There is no such thing as interpreting off the peg! Only if you talk to your client and make some suggestions will you arrive at a clear idea about what your client expects from an interpreting service. In close contact with my clients I obtain a shared understanding of the given situation, which determines the how and what of the service I provide.

Quality Assurance

As a member to the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and a full member of the Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD) I acknowledge their quality requirements and promote them actively. I form interpreting teams exclusively with colleagues who abide by and stand for these criteria!